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I was bored.
United States
Well... Not much to say really. My current fandoms are Doctor Who, Hetalia, My Little Pony, and Death Note. I am also a fan of InuYasha, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Portal, and various other things. Thank you for checking out my page, drop a watch or a fav if you like my stuff.

My other accounts: :iconyetanotheranimefreak: :iconsealandrocks:
My friends: :icondarkie4eva: :iconpiegoose: :iconaliemas:
Tumblr: www.yetanotheranimefreak.tumbl…
Facebook: (hahahaha, yeah, like I'd put that up here!)

Enjoy your stay~

Ok, I was tagged by the awesome :icondarkie4eva:!

We all know the rules~

1. Have you heard of Fire Emblem?

Hellz yeah! It's awesome!

2. Have you played Legend of Zelda, and if so, what's your favorite incarnation of Link?

I actually haven't... :blushes: But I plan to play!

3. What's your favorite fanfiction?

That's a hard question... Probably Tyranny or Friction by Slashgod... I'm not sure. Too many fanfics!!!! (Why are all my favorite ones r18...?)

4. Favorite Nintendo game?

Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland!!! Or Kirby's Amazing Mirror. Those are awesome games!

5. Favorite non-Nintendo game?

Probably Portal 2, or Journey. They're also awesome games!!

6. Do you have a lousy internet connection? (If so, I feel your pain...)

Yes, sadly :(

7. Have you played Dungeons & Dragons?


8. What's the weirdest video game crack pairing you've ever read in a fanfiction? (Your own don't count.)

I'm not sure... I haven't read a lot of them :D. I'll say Dark Link and Dark Link... I always found those kinds of ones weird xD.

9. Hero, Villain, or Damsel in Distress?

Villain~ Where's the fun in the others?

10. Would you read one of my fanfictions, please? (If you have the time. I feel so pathetic advertising in a tag question but I really want somebody to read Forces of Darkness before I go putting up all those sequels and prequels for it I'm writing. More than two people, anyway. My mom is one of them. I like reviews.)

Sure! I like the things you write~ When I finally get on dA more than once every 9 months.... That should get better now!!


Aaaaaaand, I'm too tired to tag people right now.. Maybe later~ If you want to do it, though, go ahead! Anyway, thank you anyone who actually read this!!!!

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